From Ordinary, between practices in Tom’s basement, has performed in some of the Minneapolis area’s finest music venues, including the Fine Line, The Pourhouse, Wild Tymes, 318, and on music festival stages such as Minneapalooza, Sonshine, and CrossFest. Cuts from their debut album 211 Degrees have aired on radio stations in their Twin Cities home base and beyond. Sometimes the band goes out for a fish dinner instead of practicing.
Tom Hipps writes songs, plays rhythm guitar (with his capo on the wrong fret) and sings lead vocals; Jarrod Schroeder plays lead guitar (often with his fingers, not a pick… it’s finger-pickin’ good) and sings backup; Eric Swanberg moved here from Ohio, plays bass, and sings backup; Christian Dady plays drums and sings “The Pina Colada Song” on karaoke stages.
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MinnyApple music reviewer Dean Hedge had these nice things to say about 211 Degrees (we left out the rest):
“The title track, “211 Degrees”, approaches the boiling point from a slightly different perspective. I liked the subtle nod to the Rolling Stones, “Got a brush full of blue but I paint it black,” and was pleasantly surprised by the unusual ending, evidence of a songwriter putting some effort into his craft.”
“Oh! Jesus” is couched in a rocker reminiscent of Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.”
“The song I have the strongest reaction to is “Blue Haze”…I’m drawn in by the moody bass line, melody and mysterious lyrics: “It’s time for the saints to accept what they know is in store.”
211 Degrees is a hopeful and optimistic album, a glass half-full. Just know that it’s stained glass we’re talking about here.”